Everything for the mover, the shaker and the Wedding Plan maker…

What are my Wedding Ceremony options? 

  • The Bare Essentials…   or sometimes called ‘Legals Only‘.

If you are looking for a super simple and fuss free Ceremony – just you, your partner, two witnesses and myself, but still with all the pazazz then this Ceremony is ideal.


  • … all the Bells and Whistles – a Full Ceremony. 

Let’s totally immerse ourselves in the excitement of your day.  You move it, you shake it and together, we create it!!      Be creative and make the day yours with my help.


  • or let’s go  Intimate and Magical – an Elopement Ceremony…

If your perfect Wedding involves a small gathering of your loved ones sharing the magic of the moment with your partner, then this is the Ceremony for you.


How can a Civil Celebrations Wedding Pre-Plan help?

Are you planning your wedding and unsure of the date you’d like to – or be able to – get married; and want to get started with the paperwork?

Purchase your Civil Celebrations Wedding Pre-Plan.

There’s no need to lock-in a date before you start the paperwork.

Simply buy a Civil Celebrations Wedding Pre-Plan, and immediately get the paperwork underway (this will only take a few minutes).

Once you have emailed through your Notice of Intended Marriage (NoIM) form, we can lodge it for you.

Then, when you are ready to lock in a date for your ceremony (at least one month from the day you lodge in your Notice with Civil Celebrations)… you can.

 Because you have already completed your Notice of Intended Marriage – you can book at any available time – without notice.

Pre Plan or lock the date in now – you’re in control.

Civil Celebrations Wedding Pre-Plans are valid for up to 12 months to make your booking – this can be extended out another 6 months. (Effectively, if you purchased a Civil Celebrations Wedding Pre-Plan today your ceremony can be held up to 18 months away).

Chris lives in Bourkelands, a suburb of Wagga Wagga in the New South Wales Riverina. Chris is centrally located to cover the Snowy Mountains, NSW Riverina, Upper Murray and Northern Victoria. He is happy to travel anywhere.

129 Brooklyn Drive Bourkelands NSW 2650

0400 982 636

129 Brooklyn Drive
Bourkelands NSW 2650

0400 982 636